One talk. Every day.

#ATalkADay is a place for people who are curious. For people who search for a little bit of inspiration every day in order to go out there and build amazing stuff.  For all who believe in great ideas and the craft of storytelling.

We post one talk, every day. From all walks of life. No specific theme or topic. (The „Feel Lucky“ button on the Google homepage was always our favorite.)
We don’t introduce the speakers, we don’t write what the talk is about. Let’s see where it will take us. All we promise: There will be a great idea or a great story, from someone who is passionate about what he is doing.

We believe in serendipity. We believe magical things can happen, if we get confronted with ideas, people and topics outside of our field of expertise.

We love conferences and we love to support them. We want to build a place that helps people to discover new conferences and great speakers outside of a TED stage.

This is just a simple little thing. One more small place on this big web. Let us know what you think. Does this make sense at all? Contact us through email or Twitter

#ATalkADay is a project by #Fork, made somewhere in the Bavarian Mountains.